Guiding Hands is among-st those companies running under the Pilot Program of PPP Model (Public Private Partnership) for Medical Tourism Trade

Guiding Hands: We have chosen this name to emphasized & focused on the needs & necessity of a person whether it’s in terms of Healthcare or Non-Healthcare needs.

Guiding Hands is among-st that medical tourism company which is working under the Pilot Program of PPP Model (Public Private Partnership)

Guiding Hands role in today’s society is to show the correct & actual path of the needs of ones.

Guiding Hands is officially registered under the Income Tax Clause – 12A of Income Tax Act, 1961-India. That says that Guiding Hands is officially answerable to each and every activity which are enrolled under the jurisdiction of laws & acts.

Guiding Hands keen focus of establishing Guiding Hands is to make things Better, Simple & Transparent.

Guiding Hands primary focus is on Healthcare Tourism, where we want Patients, Agencies, Corporate & Insurance Companies to reach directly to the top most expertise for their needs, in order to make facilities Affordable & Transparent to every ones reach.

Guiding Hands is committed to society for making healthcare things better, affordable and accessible to every needy without any added values.

Get a Free Second Medical Opinion & Cost Estimations from Expert Doctors of INDIA under special initiative program enrolled by Guiding Hands (a special initiative established in public interest by HARDIK PATEL) – This initiative is brought in reviews from the experience received in last 9yrs to bring transparency into healthcare system.

Patients, Agencies, Corporate & Insurance Companies can communicate on the below mentioned details for free expert opinion from INDIA.

This initiative is taken in public interest where they get a valuable advice and guideline for their medical needs.

Along with Free Second Medical Opinion, Guiding Hands have also focused on assisting for Life Saving Medicines & Cancer Medicines which are either too expensive or not available for any patients.

Guiding Hands have shown their interest in noble cause of serving the society for betterment of Healthcare System in terms of Integrity & Transparency

Your support in this cause will be highly appreciated.

Thanks & Regards,

Hardik Patel

Founder & Promoter – GuidingHands.

+919913677177. /

Guiding Hands


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