Small Scale Industries Machines

We handle exports of machineries which are used to manufacture Napkins, Tissues, Chocolates, Toothpick, Water Bottles, Small Toys, Papers, Pens, Aluminum Door Window Manufacturing, Bakery, Bio-diesel Production, Biscuit Making, Bread Production, Coconut Milk Powder Production, Condensed Milk Productions, Flour Processing Machine, Aluminium Candle Moudle, Cassava Peeling Machine, etc,.

We are supplier of Automatic Raw Cashew Grader (Automatic/Manual), Raw Cashew Nut Cooking System, Cashew Nut Manual Shelling Machine (Hand/Foot-Sheller), Oscillator Vibrator, Cashew Kernel Electric Dryer, Borma Dryer & Steam Dryer, Cashew Kernel Peeling Machine, Cashew Piece Separator, Moisture Meter, Sample cutter for RCN Testing, Humidification system, PAN coating machine, Conveyor belt & material handling system.

Cashew Nut Processing Machine

PET Blowing Machine

Our Fully Automatic PET Bottle Blowing Machine, equipment is one high precision and speedy to make, bottles used for Water, Carbonated drinks, Hot fill juices, Pharmaceuticals & cosmetics, but also can used for different bottle shapes filling in one machine. PET Stretch Blow Molding Machine (Semi-Auto), Single Blow with Infra Red Conveyor, Hydraulic locking system with Infrared Conveyorised Pre-heating system, Storage Hoper & Automatic Feeder of Pet Preforms, Air Compressor, Compressed Air Dryer & Filters, Chillder Unit.

We are exclusive exporter of Potato/Papaya Peeler (Heavy/Regular/Mini), Potato Chips Slicer (Regular/Heavy), Dryer (Hydro), Potato Kriss Cross Jalli, Banana Chips Slicer, Ribbon Blender, Coating Pan, Circular Fryer, Rectangular Fryer, Dal Washer, Channa Pressing Machine, Flour Kneading Machine, Circular Direct Heat Fryer, Dry Fruit Fine Slicer, Dry Fruit Dicer, Dry Fruit Powder Machine, Cheese Shredder, Flour Mixing Machine, Vegetable Cutting Machine, Mixer Grinder, Pulverizer Gravy Machine, Vegetable Chopper, Grader.

Food Processing Machine

Agriculture Machine

We supply Agriculture Sprayers, Post Hole Diggers, Compost Equipments, Agriculture Shredder, Agricultural Cutting Machine, Round Straw Baler, Mulcher, Peanut Digger, Cotton Picking Machine, Pit Digging Machine, Hay Baler, Manure Spreaders, Cotton Gins, Cotton StalkChopper, etc

Guiding Hands is a highly respected Manufacturer, Distributor, Wholesaler, Exporter and Importer of Anti-cancer, Anti-HIV, Anti Hepatitis, Antibiotics, Nephrology, Cardiology, Immunoglobulin’s, Vaccines, Transplant Therapies and super speciality Life Saving Drugs in India and around the Globe.
Guiding Hands is being headed by an experienced management team with deep knowledge and expertise in Manufacturing, Product Development, Business development and commercialization.
Guiding Hands exports its products across the globes such as East Europe, East Asia, Central America, North Europe, Middle East, South America, South/West Europe, South East Asia, North America, Australia, NewZeland, Indian Subcontinent, Caribbean, East Africa, Middle Africa, South Africa, West Africa, North Africa.

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